Photos of Saginaw by Photographer Mike Sonnenberg

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Pure Saginaw

I have had so many wonderful comments and emails from people about my photos, and I have had a couple of negative ones as well. Thank you to everyone who sent me such encouraging words and who can see what a great place the Saginaw area is. I find it interesting the few people with negative things to say don’t live here anymore, and maybe that is for the best. There are many problems that need working on in Saginaw, and we can’t ignore them and hope they will go away, but we can chose to look at the positive things and build on that. I could photograph things that make Saginaw look bad, but I think the national media does a good job of that, with there made up lists of the worst cities to live in without ever visiting any of those places. I chose to look for photos that show what a majestic and beautiful place we live in and it’s not that hard to find those places, you just have to have ignore all the negative people and look with an open mind.

Pure Saginaw - Downtown Saginaw MI

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