Photos of Saginaw by Photographer Mike Sonnenberg

Monday, January 2, 2012

Tough As The Hill House

We keep building new houses in this country, and some of them did not even last thru the recent housing bubble and were foreclosed on, and tore down. The old houses around Saginaw have been thru the great depression, several wars including 2 world wars, the boom and bust. Some even lasted through the recent housing boom and bust, and many other things that happen year after year. I have been to cities that have lots of new stuff and are growing right now. It will be interesting to see what happens years from now when their economic base changes. Saginaw went from a lumbering town, to an agricultural region then into an automotive city. Now we are in the process of changing into a medical center for the midwest. How will some of these younger cites do? I know Saginaw and the people of Saginaw will be around because it is a tough as the homes and buildings built here. 

Hill House - Saginaw MI

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